Third Avenue

Third Avenue

13 Episodes

The daily experiences of two men and a lady living in a two bed room apartment is nothing short of dramatic experiences no one wants to miss out on.

Third Avenue
  • The New Housemate

    Episode 1

    Just when Tim thinks it couldn't get any worse with housing Leo, he gets a new unexpected housemate whose presence brings so much drama to the third avenue.

  • The Breakup

    Episode 2

    Leo is beginning to get tired of his girlfriend Pamela, especially because he now has a new muse Kimberly.

  • Boyfriend Palava

    Episode 3

    Pamela, Leo's girlfriend takes it upon herself to find kimberly a boyfriend to no avail.

  • Girlfriend Trouble

    Episode 4

    It's Tboy's birthday and both his girlfriends want to spend the day with him

  • False Prophet part 1

    Episode 5

    Kimberly has decided to take matters into her own hand

  • False Prophet Part 2

    Episode 6

    Kimberly is adamant on finding the right man with the help of the prophet.

  • Operation Evict Leo

    Episode 7

    Mai can no longer tolerate Leo's excesses in the house

  • Baby Onboard

    Episode 8

    Kim finds a stranded adolescence at the entrance of their apartment.

  • The Visitor

    Episode 9

    Leo has been chatting with the a supposed American woman for sometimes. He finally takes a step forward by inviting her to Nigeria to meet with him personally.

  • Girlfriend From Hell

    Episode 10

    Mai, Tboy's girlfriend insists of have the spare keys to the house because she doesn't want to have to always wait at the door until someone opens.

  • Sister Valerie

    Episode 11

    Kimberly's pretty friend Valerie, comes visiting and although Leo thinks he can have his way with her, he soon discovers she is a staunch Christian who insists on obeying every religion ritual.

  • Unwanted Guest

    Episode 12

    Tboy's family friend Kewve from Warri shows up and makes everyone's life a living hell.

  • Back To Square One

    Episode 13

    Kimberly meets a sugar daddy and it's seems to be her ticket to the new life.