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5 @ Five

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Nigerian Celebrities Tell Us Five Interesting Things Their Fans Don't Know About Them.

5 @ Five
  • 5 @ Five_ Lojay

    Episode 1

    Watch one of the finest 2021 break out star, Lojay talk about 5 artists he looks up to the music industry.

  • 5 @ Five_ Niniola

    Episode 2

    While Niniola is unarguably the Queen of Afro-house and one of the most energetic performers on the continent, she still has some hidden talents up her sleeves.

  • 5 @ Five_ Ruger

    Episode 3

    Going on a first date can be such a struggle so we caught up with Ruger to share 5 things you shouldn't do in our 5 at Five interview

  • 5 @ Five_ Sarz

    Episode 4

    From Lemon pepper wings to Jollof rice, watch veteran music producer, Sarz talk about 5 foods he cannot say no to.

  • 5 @ Five_ Sir Dauda

    Episode 5

    Aside from being a talented singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Sir Daudu also doubles as a visual artist.

  • 5 @ Five_ Laycon

    Episode 6

    From Intelligence to Backside, Watch rapper and BBNaija 2020 winner, Laycon talk about 5 qualities he looks out for in a girl.

  • 5 @ Five_ Olakira

    Episode 7

    From Wizkid's "Pakurumo" to Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road", watch Olakira talk about his 5 favourite songs in our 5 @ Five interview.

  • 5 @ Five_ Prolifik Plsoo

    Episode 8

    From the name of his car to his recording ability, watch Prolifik Plsoo share 5 things you do not know about him in our “5 at Five“ interview

  • 5 @ Five_ Jidekene Achufusi

    Episode 9

    Jidekene prides himself as a ladies' man and has some valuable tips for all the young men out there. Watch him share 5 pick-up lines (sort of) to use to score the girl of your dreams in our “5 at Five“ interview.

  • 5 @ Five_ Lilian Afegbai

    Episode 10

    Lilian Afegbai is known for her amazing performances on the screen but on this episode of 5 @ Five she shares more details about her other selling points.

  • [email protected]_ Bami Gregs

    Episode 11

    Producer and actress Bami Gregs plays the fierce and bubbly character Mia on Third Avenue. She tells us five things she would tell her younger self.

  • [email protected]_ Seyi Shay

    Episode 12

    Superstar singer and TV judge Seyi Shay has definitely heard a lot of stories that comes with her status. She tells Accelerate TV five ridiculous stories she has heard about herself.

  • [email protected]_ Ric Hassani

    Episode 13

    Indi Pop artiste Ric Hassani tells us five things on his bucket list

  • [email protected]_ Psycho YP

    Episode 14

    Music Artiste Psycho YP talks food on this episode. He tells us his top 5 favorite things to eat.

  • [email protected]_ Ona Dema

    Episode 15

    Music Artiste Ona Dema tells us her five pet peeves on this episode of five at 5.

  • [email protected]_ P Prime

    Episode 16

    Music Producer P Prime Shares Five Hit Singles Of His Career.

  • [email protected]_Solis

    Episode 17

    Alte Artiste Solis shares five things on her bucket list with Accelerate TV.

  • [email protected]_ Femi Leye

    Episode 18

    Music producer and singer Femi Leye sheds light on five of his most prized possession on today's episode.

  • Superboy Cheque

    Episode 19

    Breakout star Superboy Cheque tells us five things he splurges on. He definitely loves his family, that's for sure.