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5 @ Five

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Nigerian Celebrities Tell Us Five Interesting Things Their Fans Don't Know About Them.

5 @ Five
  • 5 @ Five_ Lojay

    Episode 1

    Watch one of the finest 2021 break out star, Lojay talk about 5 artists he looks up to the music industry.

  • 5 @ Five_ Niniola

    Episode 2

    While Niniola is unarguably the Queen of Afro-house and one of the most energetic performers on the continent, she still has some hidden talents up her sleeves.

  • 5 @ Five_ Ruger

    Episode 3

    Going on a first date can be such a struggle so we caught up with Ruger to share 5 things you shouldn't do in our 5 at Five interview

  • 5 @ Five_ Sarz

    Episode 4

    From Lemon pepper wings to Jollof rice, watch veteran music producer, Sarz talk about 5 foods he cannot say no to.

  • 5 @ Five_ Sir Dauda

    Episode 5

    Aside from being a talented singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Sir Daudu also doubles as a visual artist.

  • 5 @ Five_ Laycon

    Episode 6

    From Intelligence to Backside, Watch rapper and BBNaija 2020 winner, Laycon talk about 5 qualities he looks out for in a girl.

  • 5 @ Five_ Olakira

    Episode 7

    From Wizkid's "Pakurumo" to Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road", watch Olakira talk about his 5 favourite songs in our 5 @ Five interview.

  • 5 @ Five_ Prolifik Plsoo

    Episode 8

    From the name of his car to his recording ability, watch Prolifik Plsoo share 5 things you do not know about him in our “5 at Five“ interview

  • 5 @ Five_ Jidekene Achufusi

    Episode 9

    Jidekene prides himself as a ladies' man and has some valuable tips for all the young men out there. Watch him share 5 pick-up lines (sort of) to use to score the girl of your dreams in our “5 at Five“ interview.

  • 5 @ Five_ Lilian Afegbai

    Episode 10

    Lilian Afegbai is known for her amazing performances on the screen but on this episode of 5 @ Five she shares more details about her other selling points.

  • 5@five_ Bami Gregs

    Episode 11

    Producer and actress Bami Gregs plays the fierce and bubbly character Mia on Third Avenue. She tells us five things she would tell her younger self.

  • 5@five_ Seyi Shay

    Episode 12

    Superstar singer and TV judge Seyi Shay has definitely heard a lot of stories that comes with her status. She tells Accelerate TV five ridiculous stories she has heard about herself.

  • 5@five_ Ric Hassani

    Episode 13

    Indi Pop artiste Ric Hassani tells us five things on his bucket list

  • 5@five_ Psycho YP

    Episode 14

    Music Artiste Psycho YP talks food on this episode. He tells us his top 5 favorite things to eat.

  • 5@five_ Ona Dema

    Episode 15

    Music Artiste Ona Dema tells us her five pet peeves on this episode of five at 5.

  • 5@five_ P Prime

    Episode 16

    Music Producer P Prime Shares Five Hit Singles Of His Career.

  • 5@five_Solis

    Episode 17

    Alte Artiste Solis shares five things on her bucket list with Accelerate TV.

  • 5@five_ Femi Leye

    Episode 18

    Music producer and singer Femi Leye sheds light on five of his most prized possession on today's episode.

  • Superboy Cheque

    Episode 19

    Breakout star Superboy Cheque tells us five things he splurges on. He definitely loves his family, that's for sure.