Short Films (AFMP)

Short Films (AFMP)

3 Seasons

The Accelerate Filmmaker Project is an initiative of Accelerate TV, powered by Access Bank, created to train, empower and give a platform to young enthusiastic filmmakers between the ages of 18 -29 to actualize their filmmaking dreams.

Short Films (AFMP)
  • Tanwa

    Episode 1

    Tanwa by Adenike Adebayo.Tanwa, convinced that her life was in danger, decided to take matters into her own hands.

  • Penance

    Episode 2

    Penance by Micheal Akinrogunde. What happens when a priest also has something to confess at penance?

  • Good Will

    Episode 3

    The reading of a man's will to his two children, in conjunction with the events surrounding his death, reveal the kind of father he truly was.

  • Xoxo Leo

    Episode 4

    Xoxo Leo (By Priye Diri) is about an Army's wife who cheats on her husband and is being blackmailed on the day of his return.

  • Black

    Episode 5

    Black (by Joshua Olanrewaju) is a story about a lady attacked in her office, an ordinary girl must fight extraordinary odds with ordinary tools if she hopes to live.