Short Films (AFMP)

Short Films (AFMP)

3 Seasons

The Accelerate Filmmaker Project is an initiative of Accelerate TV, powered by Access Bank, created to train, empower and give a platform to young enthusiastic filmmakers between the ages of 18 -29 to actualize their filmmaking dreams.

Short Films (AFMP)
  • Mmachi

    Episode 1

    Mmachi is a story of a girl who has low self-esteem about her weight and her perception of others about her. Will she overcome or not?

  • The Wall (by Samuel Olanrewaju)

    Episode 2

    Virtual reality is the new reality. Should it be or should it not be? Do the currencies of ‘likes’ and ‘please subscribe’ determine our value or are we valuable by ourselves irrespective of it? Find out in The Wall and let this be your mirror too.

  • Wrong Con

    Episode 3

    Wrong Con by Charles Obi Emere. Tricks don’t just work and when they do, maybe not for the long haul. Find enough reasons to laugh as this duo take us on a journey that they apparently were not schooled for.

  • Stuck

    Episode 4

    Stuck by Ozioma Ogbaji. All in a place and at once, he’s very crazy, she’s so claustrophobic and she’s Asthmatic. Who is going to make a way out? What happens if the way out also leads to the discovery of something else?

  • Thorn

    Episode 5

    Thorn (by Bola Akanbi) is a short movie that tells the story of what happens when deeply seated hurt/anger reveals itself in seemingly intolerable circumstances? Pain and Hurt are real. But what’s more real is never healing from those memories and experiences that make us cringe when we remember ...