Short Films (AFMP)

Short Films (AFMP)

3 Seasons

The Accelerate Filmmaker Project is an initiative of Accelerate TV, powered by Access Bank, created to train, empower and give a platform to young enthusiastic filmmakers between the ages of 18 -29 to actualize their filmmaking dreams.

Short Films (AFMP)
  • Last
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Last (By Olubisi Akinbinu) is a movie about a lonely aged woman tries to connect with her children on her birthday but they all seem too busy to care.

  • Blast

    Episode 2

    BLAST (by Tosin Ibitoye) ia about a gentleman trapped in the ladies' toilet must survive the awkwardness of being discovered.

  • If Only

    Episode 3

    If Only (By Alfa Faruk Umar) talks about Bilikisu a girl child hawker is taken off the streets by chance, the course of her entire life
    changes for better only to be yanked away at the peak of her success.

  • Black Monday

    Episode 4

    Black Monday (by Adetola Adetayo) is a story about a boy called Abiodun returns from prison to face stigmatization from the members of his community. Will he be able to scale through?

  • Scars

    Episode 5

    Scars (By Miriam Dera) is about a reclusive young lady tasked with making a pitch for a client at work, but she has to fight years of psychological torture and go ahead with the presentation or lose her job

  • WallFlower

    Episode 6

    WallFlower by Joel Adegboye and Seun Richards is a romance drama that talks about your ordinary boy- meets- girl situation. More often than not, our actions and silence are louder than any words we could ever speak. In this love-themed short story, created, produced and directed by Joel Adegboye ...