12 Episodes

Osayi Alile, CEO ACT Foundation talks about the purpose of the foundation which is to identify problems and come up with solutions to the African Problem in Enterprise, Leadership,
Environment and Health. The show brings on board individuals and organizations walking the path of social enterprise to discuss their experiences in the sector.

  • ACT Foundation, The Journey of Philanthropy

    Episode 1

    With the hope that things will get easier, osayi realizes that things aren't getting easier in running the foundation. However, with more questions being asked, people are beginning to get more involved.

  • Dispelling the myths around non-profits

    Episode 2

    Oluseyi Oyebisi, the Executive Director of the Nigeria Network of NGOs explains the part every non profit organization must play in the society.

  • Changemaker series with Michael Ajayi

    Episode 3

    From being a student to becoming the country director of an international NGO, Michael Ajayi narrates his journey to an impactful life.

  • Positioning for Visibilty

    Episode 4

    A branding expert speaks on how visibility can help an NGO attract the right people who can help achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Supporting The Next Generation Of Front Runners

    Episode 5

    After being looked down on and denied access by hos mathematics teacher, Gbenga describes how that inspired him to birth an initiative to change the lives of students facing similar situations.

  • Changemaker series with Temitope Okunnu

    Episode 6

    To her, "waste is not waste but resources". The founder, FABE International
    Foundation, Temitope Okunnu talks about advocacy in waste management, conservative and climate change.

  • Change Maker Series With Abosede Lewu

    Episode 7

    An incident of the death of an adolescent who had an unsafe abortion triggered the birth of the Girlsaide Initiative to mitigate future occurrence.

  • Building Resilience In The Face Of Change

    Episode 8

    Moving from one sector to another in the middle of so much uncertainty, Foluso Gbadamosi was ready to go for what she wanted and which she pursued unapologetically while leveraging technology to achieve results.

  • Impacting Africa For Good

    Episode 9

    Mosun Layode ventured into the social enterprise in her 300 level days after having a class on sustainable development which was a very new concept to her at that time.

  • The Future Of African Philanthropy

    Episode 10

    Zouera Youssoufou speaks on how the NGOs can only contribute, help and support the government in carrying out its responsibilities and not take the job from the government.

  • Driving Systemic Change In Africa

    Episode 11

    Conor Brosnan left his job in the finance sector to pursue his passion of creating impacts in the African continent after several explorations.

  • ACT GuideBook

    Episode 12

    Osayi Alile, CEO, ACT Foundation launched a non-profit guide book for NGOs and social enterprises.