Boss Moves

Boss Moves

13 Episodes

How to be a Boss! Tips and tricks from industry leaders.

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Boss Moves
  • IK Osakioduwa

    Episode 1

    IK Osakioduwa radio and television on air personality. He has been in the game long enough to know what to takes to be a boss just like himself.

  • Obi Asika

    Episode 2

    Being an entertainment mogul has got to have some truthful gems that only a boss in his own element can offer.

  • Lola Maja

    Episode 3

    Boss Moves by make-up specialist Lola Maja comes with unique power tips on how to be the figure in charge and control.

  • Funmi St Matthew Daniel

    Episode 4

    5 tips from fashion editor and stylist Funmi St Mattews. Here are the moves to make if you seek boss status, from the point of view of a fashion aficionado.

  • Chude Jideonwo

    Episode 5

    Chude Jideonwo is a voice of the leading new generation. As CEO of Red Media, the lawyer, writer and PR champ is offering his 5 tips to being a boss.

  • Tara Durotoye

    Episode 6

    Tara Durotoye is the boss lady of the House of Tara and here are her 5 Boss Moves

  • Joke Silva

    Episode 7

    This is Boss Moves with Joke Silva as the veteran actress shares her 5 moves every boss must know and make.

  • Steve Babaeko

    Episode 8

    Steve Babaeko comes with 5 tips on being a boss, as a bossman himself of Xtreme Group which consists of business ranging from advertising to record publishing and more.

  • Gbenga Adeyinka

    Episode 9

    Here are 5 tips from Gbenga Adeyinka on being and staying a boss.

  • Audu Maikori

    Episode 9

    Audu Maikori is the president of the Chocolate City group and he brings us his 5 Boss Moves on this new episode.

  • Eddie Lawani

    Episode 11

    Here are the 5 moves of a boss by Eddie Lawani as he counts them down for us.

  • DJ Jimmy Jatt

    Episode 12

    DJ Jimmy Jatt has 5 moves to share with every boss or boss to be, as the number 1 veteran Dj in Nigeria. here he is with it.

  • Chioma Ude

    Episode 13

    Chioma Ude has got the boss moves moves for every current and aspiring leader. Here she comes with her list of 5.