Corper Shun Reloaded

Corper Shun Reloaded

11 Episodes

Serve the country they said... It will be fun they said... Find out what happens when 5 Corpers are thrown in the mix for National Service.

Corper Shun Reloaded
  • The Chosen Worsts

    Episode 1

    It's here folks! The adventures of 5 corps members with diverse issues supervised by one problematic Local Government Inspector kicks off with Corper Shun.

  • Now Your Suffering Commences

    Episode 2

    The heat is on and Alani's 5 special corpers have to deliver the best ideas and plans to carry out the Reunite CDS project, that is if they can settle their differences and sort out their priorities. Will this end well at all?

  • An Average Brain

    Episode 3

    Another major fight between the corp members goes down, but will the dispute bring them any closer to new ideas and execution of plans? We can't promise that.

  • Usain Bolt Money

    Episode 4

    The 5 have gotten super close to executing a great project for the reunite Nigeria CDS. Tensions are high as Mr Alani and his supervisor are getting impatient. Somebody needs to get results, or there will be problems.....more problems.

  • The Eviction

    Episode 5

    It's crunch time for the corps members as Mr Alani is done with the excuses and about to take a drastic action.

  • Ice Cream, You Scream

    Episode 6

    Ibinabo thought her worst days were behind her but she was totally wrong and has more to dread about the NYSC Program, but maybe Gbenga will present an escape.....maybe.

  • Heartbreaks & Hopelessness

    Episode 7

    Zubby is caught in a bad situation that comes with being a lover boy while Aminat's own love life is about to hit the rocks. The external lives of our corps members are being as problematic as their failing projects apparently.

  • One Big Unhappy Family

    Episode 8

    Say hello to Gbenga's ''cousin'', who IB is coincidentally trying to be fond of. While the 5 try to keep Mr Alani's drama at bay, there's way more drama brewing within their small circle.

  • Oya What Next?

    Episode 9

    New plan in place? Zubby seems to have the answer to the new idea the Reunite Nigeria CDS wants to take on, after Gbenga's radio blabbing dropped the ball on them all.

  • The Truth Can't Set You Free

    Episode 10

    Showtime! The 5 get a go ahead to run the concert and use it as a platform to create awareness and promote unity. That's it for their external problems. What is going on internally, is a totally different dimension.

  • The Showdown

    Episode 11

    SHOWTIME!! Here comes the concert set up by the 5, and Alani is feeling very good about his CDS Squad in this season 1 finale. They must reunite Nigeria somehow someway.