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Fashion Fix is your quick fix for fashion tips and tricks. Meet popular stylists and learn how they do what they do so you can do it too.

Fashion Fix
  • How To Slay Your Future In-laws

  • How To Pick The Perfect Asoebi For Traditional Weddings

    Episode 2

    Whether you are going in Asoebi or in your own stylish invention, Mercy and Titi Kutigi are going through the best forms of Asoebi and even the jewelry to match, so that you can go and cause commotion at that Owambe, or any other party you feel like disrupting.

  • How To Be A Campus Hottie

    Episode 3

    A university campus is an open arena for all forms of voguing and styling. Mercy is teaming up with Anu from Unilag and going over the hottest styles on campus and what more could be done.

  • How To Actually Dress For Your Body Type

    Episode 4

    You won't try ''just'' any clothes on right? Because your body type is what determines the best looks. On that note, Mercy and Jane-Micheal are coming through to analyse the diverse body types of women, and the outfits that suit them best.

  • How To Pull Off Your Sunday Best

    Episode 5

    You can slay in church, but still be modest for the lord. Sunday is an exceptionally fashionable day and Mercy is teaming up with Moses Ebite of Moashy styling to show you how to take on your next church style.

  • How To Dress For A Friday Night Turn Up

    Episode 6

    Friday Nights sign in the weekend, and can be very promising. So if you plan to hit the city this coming Friday night, here are some tips to try out, brought to you by Mercy Ajisafe & Ozina Anumudu

  • Don't Underrate The Slippers Or Sandals

    Episode 7

    Mercy Ajisafe teams up with the ingenious Kene Rapu to let us know that we could still rock our Slippers and Sandals and make a fashion statement.

  • How To Dress To A Job Interview

    The most important part of getting your dream job is the interview. In this episode, Mercy and Monica Awe-Etuk team up to provide the best tips on how to knock-out the interviewer with your outfit.

  • How To Dress To A Wedding

    Episode 9

    Trying to figure out the perfect slay to a wedding can be difficult. In this episode, Mercy and Richard Akusan got you covered on the do's and don't's of wedding outfits,plus they bring us tips on how to rock them all.

  • Do's & Don'ts Of Styling With Ankara

    Episode 10

    Fashion Fix, that dosage of good fashion tips for all our fans.
    Here Mercy Ajisafe and Ozinna Anumudu team up again, to show us how to look our best in Ankara, no matter the occasion. Enjoy.

  • How To Dress Your Way Into His Heart

    Episode 11

    Dressing your way into his heart can be tricky. Are you gonna show off or keep it simple? Well, Mercy Ajisafe and Moses Ebite are here with bae snatching tips for this coming holiday season. Don't forget to tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  • How To Dress For Your Birthday Bash

    Episode 12

    We don't play with birthdays, and besides the activities, the outfits too have to be sensational. Join Mercy and Mary Jane as they take you through the baddest birthday looks to whip out on your special day.