@ Home with Joselyn Dumas

@ Home with Joselyn Dumas

13 Episodes

@Home with Joselyn Dumas is talk show created by Michael Djaba with award winning actress Joselyn Dumas hosting from 2013. Broadcasting prime time to over 50 countries on the continent, UK and Canada.

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@ Home with Joselyn Dumas
  • At Home With Jimmy Akingbola

    Episode 1

    On this episode, Joselyn and Jimmy relax and chat about the industry, its ups & downs, as well as personal dilemmas.

  • At Home With Vidal Juba

    Episode 2

    In this Episode, Joselyn figures out what lead to the move from “Boy Band” to “Head of Production”; as they chat about life and its challenges.

  • At Home With Andrew Ukoko

    Episode 3

    In this episode of At Home with Joselyn Dumas, we learn that we cannot ignore ones „calling” in life. Andrew talks to Joselyn about his passions and his life in the movie industry.

  • At Home with Adebayo Jones

    Episode 4

    In this episode of At Home With, Joselyn welcomes the Legendary Designer Adebayo Jones into her home. It‟s a match made in heaven!

  • At Home with Charles Emeka

    Episode 5

    Watch this episode of At Home With, and be touched with the strong & firm inspirational voice of Charles Emeka, as he inspires Joselyn and tells her a few “home truths”. Get your pens & pads ready!

  • At Home with Lola Rae

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Joselyn kicks-back with her bubbly and gorgeous friend Lola, as they talk work, love, and being “Bosses”.

  • At Home with Muyiwa Olanrewaju

    Episode 7

    Joselyn welcomes Muyiwa in to her home, as they catch up on what's been going on in his life, and talk about Faith, Praise, and doing Gad's will.

  • At Home with Yemi Osunkoya

    Episode 8

    Mr Kosibah gets a rare chance to relax and talk to Joselyn about fashion and recount all then numerous clientele he has dressed… even Joselyn models one of his beautiful creations.

  • At Home with DJ Abass.

    Episode 9

    Joselyn discussed with DJ Abass on how he juggles his roles as a DJ, MC, broadcaster and a media & entertainment consultant.

  • At Home with Emmanuel Idowu

    Episode 10

    Joselyn discusses with Emmanuel Idowu on his achievement in the entertainment industry and how he strives to help youths get first hand-experience rather than text-book experiences through his speeches.


    Episode 11

    Joselyn discusses with Rachael who has opened up the RJW Modeling Academy which she runs with her sister Rebecca Williams.

  • At Home with Fatima Jabbe & Theodora Ibekwe

    Episode 12

    In this episode of At Home with, Joselyn hangs out with two lovely actresses in her home.

  • At Home with Charles Venn

    Episode 13

    Chucky and Joselyn hit it off as soon as she opens her door; on this episode he talk about family, growing up in London, and reveals his future plans.