Just Friend

Just Friend

13 Episodes

Recently dumped MARO is falling for her new friend JAY, but she plans to take it slow and confirm he is the right man for her. What she doesn’t plan for is his group of very friendly EX/BEST GIRLFRIENDS, who think she is ‘the one’ for him and are here to help their budding relationship. But are these women true friends or rivals? Can she trust them? Or him? Can she even trust herself?

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Just Friend
  • The Ex-Files

    Episode 1

    Maro decides to spend the weekend. She meets the rest of Jay’s friend circle and find herself pulled into the non stop drama of his world, until her ex KEN brings some of her own drama to join the party.

  • The Anniversary

    Episode 2

    The clique stepping up and helping her get rid of Ken surprises Maro. We learn that today is actually the anniversary of Ken and Maro’s breakup and this is why he came here looking for her. The other ladies finally leave the couple and Maro begins to start working her list – but then she is stunn...

  • Honestly

    Episode 3

    Maro fully starts her assessment of Jay’s pros vs. cons while the clique tries to get rid of Jay’s new problematic neighbor Toju.

  • The Priority

    Episode 4

    Maro moves on to a new item on her pros and cons list (re; Jay) while Tena launches a major move to get his girlfriend back. Causing Sammy and Maro to come to a surprising understanding.

  • 'Fishers Of Men'

    Episode 5

    Maro and Sammy actually become friends in this episode that finds Toju finally moving out and the seeds are first set for the revelation that Bola may have more of a personal vendetta against Toju than concerns of Jay’s well being.

  • 'I'm Expensive'

    Episode 6

    Bola has some great advice for Sammy about her situation with Tena. We learn that things are NOT what they seem at all. Sammy finds out about the checklist and the fact that Maro has been secretly testing Jay.

  • 'Bola's Bright Brunch'

    Episode 7

    Bola treats everyone to a dinner and then they realize she is actually using them as an excuse not to go home. She is having issues with her husband and that’s why she has so much time to hang out here. The clique help her reconcile with her husband and she finally goes home with him.

  • Her Personal Wahala

    Episode 8

    Sammy and her Tena make up and she agrees to move back in with him. Bola is happy that her own life has been straightened out. Jay and Maro take a huge step towards becoming an official couple – and then Toju has to show up to ruin it.

  • Who's Your Bestie?

    Episode 9

    Maro is surprised when Chi-chi finally comes over to come get her friend back from this madness. She clashes with Maro’s 'new best friend’ Sammy. Chi-chi realizes that Maro has become one with the clique. Sammy should have gone home, but she stays because she is helping plan.

  • The Party

    Episode 10

    It’s Jay’s birthday and they plan a surprise party for him, and despite the comedy of errors it devolves into, it ends on a very sweet note, as they all leave with their significant others, a great perfect ending. So why does he wake up in bed with Toju?

  • Surprise Birthday

    Episode 11

    A revisit of the last episode, except this time we see the things we didn’t see last time, the scenes between the scenes – now all the insanity of the end of the last episode make sense.

  • Yes/No
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

  • The One Key

    Episode 13