Romantic Escapes

Romantic Escapes

Romantic Escapes
  • Darima Dilemma

    A woman finds herself in a web of lies when she lives life impersonating her deceased sister.

  • To Be Frank With You

    In a bid to find solution and means to spice up their failed sex life, a couple undergoes a therapy session with a psycho sex therapist, who became obsessed with the man.

  • Guynman

    GUYN MAN is a witty, gripping romantic-comedy, revolving around the lives of best friends since university; ANAYA EKIYE and IKECHUKWU MORDI JNR., whose simple, yet complex relationship raises the age old question: ‘Can friends be in love and not know it?’

  • The Pretty Ones Are The Loneliest

    Three members of the same family search for love and acceptance in entirely different scenarios.

  • Two Strings Attached

    1 season

    “Two Strings Attached” as a couple who’s been married for years and are going through difficulties in their marriage.

  • Lagos Cougars

    The film revolves around the life of 3 corporate women; Elsie , Aret and Joke in their quest to find love and explore their fantasies.

  • Mr and Mrs

    A marriage that started on love and trust suddenly nose dived into the ditch of wealth and opulence and the marriage went sour. An African woman's struggle to retain her marriage knows no bound.

  • Blurred Lines

    1 season

    Blurred Lines follows four friends – Max, Joe, Rachel and Chantal – whose lives begin to spiral out of control when sins of the past catch up with them. When Chantal finds out her boyfriend Max cheated on her with Rachel a few years ago, she devises a revenge plan to teach Rachel a lesson, and to...