Shade Corner

Shade Corner

6 Seasons

Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

Shade Corner
  • The Worst Music Made By Nollywood Stars

    Episode 1

    On this 1st episode, our gang of shady citizens are taking on Nollywood stars who ventured into music and made some of the most memorable songs to hit Naija.

  • Outrageous & Punishable Social Media Behaviors

    Episode 2

    The Shady Bunch are back this week, and they are not tolerating social media misbehaviour. Watch as they list the most outrageous social media trends and shade a number of offenders.

  • Clapbacks That Can Kill Somebody

    Episode 3

    Clapbacks! The art of firing back when you are fired at. Our merry band of shadesters are listing the sweetest clapbacks of our time.

  • Nollywood's Craziest & Unforgettable ''No Chill' Moments

    Episode 4

    What are they tackling this week? Well, we all love Nollywood, and so do our 5 friends. So they are outlining the most legendary (meaning hilarious) Nollywood film moments to never forget.

  • Nigerian Celebrities With The Fakest Accents

    Episode 5

    The Shady bunch re-assemble this week to tackle their favorite Nigerian celebrities with the most outrageous accents. Join Akah, Makida, Bayo, Noble and King Cam on the 5th episode.

  • How Annoying People Become Social Media Sensations

    Episode 6

    The Shady Bunch has had it with social media misbehavior as empowered by the individual sensations on Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Watch them outline the culprits and their gimmicks on this wild episode 6.

  • The Shamelessness Of Ratchet TV Is Out Of Hand

    Episode 7

    If you love ratchet TV, you are not alone. The Shady Bunch do too. Join Akah, Makida, King Cam, Noble and Bayo as they tackle the most insane moments of ratchet shows and what caused such misbehavior.

  • Nigerian Celebrities Caught Bleaching & Lying

    Episode 8

    Some celebrities bleach and that's ok, but the Shady Bunch just want them to admit it. In this episode, they count out some of the #TeamLightskin favorites in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

  • Please Shut Up, You Are Not A Creative

    Episode 9

    There are too many people claiming to be creatives these days, and the Shady Bunch are not having it. They have gathered again to call them out and put them in check.

  • Where Did These One Hit Wonders Vanish To?

    Episode 10

    The Shady Bunch are outlining international and domestic artists who hit it right with one song but never came back despite our expectations. Count along with them and share your thoughts about some of the greatest one-hit wonders of all time.