Shade Corner

Shade Corner

6 Seasons

Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

Shade Corner
  • The Best & The Fakest Returnees In Lagos

    Episode 1

    IJGB (I Just Got Backs) brings a yearly supply of humor to Nigerians during the holiday season and the Shady Bunch is out for them.

  • The Rise & Rise Of Nigerian Reality TV

    Episode 2

    Special guest Maraji joins the Shady Bunch consisting of Bayo, King Cam, Noble & Makida as they examine reality TV shows in Nigeria. The past, the present and the potential action to come, if our favorite celebrities agree to give it a shot.

  • English 101: A Lesson For The Lost Ones

    Episode 3

    This forbidden lingo must be abolished this 2018, and the Shady Bunch are outlining them for your identifying pleasure. Don't forget to comment and add the ones you remember and wish people will stop saying already.

  • Ex-Celebrity, Why Are You Still Here?

    Episode 4

    You know those celebrities that have had a good run, but need to chill and let the younger generation take over? Yes, those guys are coming under fire this episode. Its all love still and we appreciate our legends.

  • Old Nollywood Vs New Nollywood

    Episode 5

    Special guest in the building. Zainab Balogun joins the Shady Bunch to compare and contrast between Nollywood of old and the modern-day industry that is thriving today. Enjoy.

  • Dress Code Crimes At Nigerian Events

    Episode 6

    Denola Grey features on this fashion-based session as the Shady Bunch discuss Nigerians going off theme when those fancy events are in full swing. No offense to some of our faves!!!

  • Razz Photo Shoots To Die For

    Episode 7

    The pretty boy from Accelerate News Beediesel is in the house!! The Shady Bunch and Biodun assemble and they are taking closer looks at those outrageous photoshoots that pop up on your Instagram feed and confuse you!!

  • Plastic Surgery & Body Cutting

    Episode 8

    Like everything else from around the world, plastic surgery is becoming a thing in Nigeria, and the Shady Bunch have a thing or two to say about it. And even more so, a person or two to mention.

  • Beloved Lavish Lifestyle Trends 9

    Episode 9

    Here are the ails of the Las Gidi lavish lifestyle from fake stunting on social media, to the nightlife shenanigans. The Shady Bunch take on the crimes and issue their form of comical justice on wrongdoers.

  • Another List Of Deadly Clapbacks

    Episode 10

    The shady bunch is back again to cause hysterical mayhem. Today's topic is clapbacks and it features Noble Igwe who was examined in season 1.

  • The Adventures Of Your Wedding Guests

    Episode 11

    The shady gang reunited again with a new guest Stephanie Coker.

    This week, we look at the Wedding scene and the guests invited for these occasions, where they try to outshine the hosts other stunts. The reason why Aso ebi's should be canceled and more on today's episode of Shade Corner.

  • Beauty Trends That Must Die

    Episode 12

    The Shady bunch are at it again, causing comical mayhem and this time their topic are beauty trends. That's why this week's special guest in none other than the make-up stylist guru Theodora Mogo.

  • The Prodigal Son Returns

    Episode 13

    The Shady Bunch come together for the last time this season, our topic is Money and we have a special guest for you. Akah is back. That doesn't mean it was all reunion and smile. Shade came out strong and guess who wins Shadiest of them All?