Shade Corner

Shade Corner

6 Seasons

Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

Shade Corner
  • The Covid-19 Episode

    Episode 1

    The Shady Bunch is back for season 4 and for our first episode, we recap what a year it has been with the Nigerian Actress, Jemima Osunde.

  • Adultery

    Episode 2

    The Shady Bunch discusses adultery, why people cheat, how not to cheat and they even reveal if they have ever cheated.

  • Christmas Special

    Episode 3

    In the spirit of Christmas, the Shady Bunch and Accelerate News host, Biodun Laaro reminisce on the good things that happened this year.


    Episode 4

    In this Episode, the Shady Bunch and Ms. Pepo explore all the crazy lyrics we have heard both in Nigeria and internationally.

  • Celebrity Unpopular Opinions

    Episode 5

    Starting the New Year with a bang, The Shady Bunch discusses the Celebrity Unpopular opinions even highlighting their own unsolicited opinions.

  • Traditions

    Episode 6

    What are the weird Traditions you have heard or experienced? The Shady Bunch sat down with Actress, Bisola to discuss all the crazy traditions that need to be abolished and the ones we should keep.

  • Sliding in the DMs

    Episode 7

    We have all either slid in the DMs or gotten some interesting DMs, sometimes, we have also gotten the annoying DMs. The Shady bunch and media personality, Mimi Onalaja reveal everything in their DMS and rules of sliding in the DMs.

  • Big Brother Episode

    Episode 8

    This week, the shady bunch and Kiekie are discussing all things Big Brother. The fame, the fans, the show, the drama and the housemates.

  • Lazy Nigerian Youths

    Episode 9

    A term we have all heard, The Shady Bunch discusses what they understand as being Lazy and if it accurately describes the Nigerian youths.

  • Sex Myths

    Episode 10

    What are the ridiculous sex myths you have heard? The Shady Bunch and Taymesan are discussing everything sex-related in this episode.

  • Cancel Culture

    Episode 11

    Have you ever canceled anyone? Do you believe people should be canceled? Joining the Shady Bunch to discuss this topic is Toyosi Effiong.

  • Do Numbers Matter?

    Episode 12

    Do number of kids, body count, body size, funds and all kinds of numbers matter? The shady bunch discuss everything numbers in the new episode of Shade Corner

  • Business vs Creativity

    Episode 13

    What is the best way to combine business with creativity? Should we sacrifice creativity for business? The Shady discuss this in this episode of Shade Corner.