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Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

Shade Corner
  • Open Relationships

    In this episode, they dive deep into the captivating world of Open Relationships. Get ready for a candid conversation as they share their thoughts and opinions on this intriguing topic. Are you open to the idea of Open Relationships? Tune in to find out!

  • Big Brother - Staying Relevants

    In this second episode, the Shady Bunch opens a frenzy conversation on the popular Big Brother Naija show. They’re serving up sizzling takes on the success and post-show lifestyles of your favorite BBNaija contestants. Don’t miss out on the most opinionated, unfiltered commentary in town!

  • New Age Prostitution

    The Shady Bunch is back with sizzling takes and moments that could break the internet (or a table!). They dive into the spicy topic of "New Age Prostitution" and all the other shenanigans happening in the bustling city of Lagos. Get ready for a rollercoaster of candid chats, heated debates, and ...

  • Finding Love In Lagos

    Who would have believed that there'd be a time when love would cost way more than a dime? Join the shady bunch in this episode as they discuss the luxury of finding true love in the city of Lagos.

  • Worst Celebrity Experiences

    The hosts delve into their personal encounters with celebrities, sharing their most disappointing experiences. The episode provides a glimpse into the world of celebrity-fan interactions, offering insights and perspectives on both sides of the spotlight.

  • Japa Syndrome

    On this episode, the Shade Corner hosts discuss 'Japa' syndrome, stories surrounding it, its hidden agenda and how this affects those who remain in Nigeria.

  • Drug Pandemic

    The Shady Bunch talked about one of the major vices that have affected Nigerian youth and how it has become the new normal in the City of Lagos.

  • Lonely At The Top

    In this 8th episode, the shady bunch debates on whether being at the top is worth sacrificing true friendship for. They discuss the intricacies of personal growth alongside friends and companions and the looming fear of isolation “At the Top”

  • Everyone In Lagos Is Mad

    Episode 9

    Following the popular notion that “Everybody in Lagos is mad”, the shady bunch shares their personal experiences of madness with fellow Lagosian.

  • Lagos Is The New L.A

    Episode 10

    In this episode, the intriguing discussion from the shady bunch is centered around the evolving cultural scene and entrepreneurial spirit in Lagos, thereby prompting the question: Is Lagos becoming the New L.A?

  • Christmas Special

    In the spirit of Christmas, the Shady Bunch kicks off this episode by reminiscing about their childhood Christmas experiences. They delve deeper into what Christmas means to them as adults.