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Share the Love

This is a list of romance and love movies. Whether its a comedy, drama or family film, these titles always will get you in the Val spirit. Happy Valentine everyone!

Share the Love
  • The Cover: Chike - What Love Looks And Feels Like

    No matter what, February will always be the month of love. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. In this exclusive interview, our favorite heartthrob Chike, tells us what love looks and feels like.

  • WallFlower

    WallFlower by Joel Adegboye and Seun Richards is a romance drama that talks about your ordinary boy- meets- girl situation. More often than not, our actions and silence are louder than any words we could ever speak. In this love-themed short story, created, produced and directed by Joel Adegboye ...

  • Heartbreaks & Hopelessness

    Zubby is caught in a bad situation that comes with being a lover boy while Aminat's own love life is about to hit the rocks. The external lives of our corps members are being as problematic as their failing projects apparently.

  • The Year After

    A year after his beloved wife passes, Anayo revisits old memories and finds a little more.

  • The Breakup

    Leo is beginning to get tired of his girlfriend Pamela, especially because he now has a new muse Kimberly.

  • Boyfriend Palava

    Pamela, Leo's girlfriend takes it upon herself to find kimberly a boyfriend to no avail.

  • Girlfriend Trouble

    It's Tboy's birthday and both his girlfriends want to spend the day with him

  • It's Getting Uglier

    Will love be enough to keep Adaora and David? Anayo finally meets the mystery man...

  • The Power Of The Ledger

    Benson Attah makes Anayo an offer.Tutu and Anayo get a little more friendly.

  • Good Will

    The reading of a man's will to his two children, in conjunction with the events surrounding his death, reveal the kind of father he truly was.

  • Last

    Last (By Olubisi Akinbinu) is a movie about a lonely aged woman tries to connect with her children on her birthday but they all seem too busy to care.