Shuga Naija S05

Shuga Naija S05

8 Episodes

A bright young woman; Moh must make a difficult decision, when her parents force her into an arranged marriage with an older man and her family’s benefactor - Sopuru, while her younger siblings; Nanya and Kachi grapple with issues surrounding gender such as feminism and toxic masculinity as well as friendship, love, and sex.
This season is centered around a newly reopened Youth Community center (Y-Hub), and complex characters like Haalel who is an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Praise and Chika who is dealing with the devastating loss of her father to Covid-19 during the pandemic and a strained relationship with her mother a staunch Covid-19 denier.

Shuga Naija S05
  • Welcome to Y-Hub

    Episode 1

    We experience the gender imbalance in the Okezie household. Moh is encouraged to apply for a Tech grant. Simi and Wasiu bump into one another unexpectedly. T Classic and Mr. Real perform at Yhub. Moh discovers she's been betrothed to her their landlord.

  • No Brakes

    Episode 2

    Madu & Cece insist Moh must marry Sopuru.  Moh forges ahead on NITECH. Haalel covers up for Praise. Chika overhears Kachi and friends laughing at her mum's anti-covid video. Sparks fly between Nasir and Simi. Nanya buys condoms. The Y-Hub loses their funding. 

  • Secret Affairs

    Episode 3

    Sheila struggles with Y-Hub expenses. Simi worries about revealing her HIV status to Nasir. Sheila encourages Moh to stand her ground. Chika confronts Haalel about Praise. Tolu and Nanya's relationship takes a complicated turn. 

  • Unintended Consequences

    Episode 4

    Haalel wants to leave Praise for good. Things didn't go as planned for Simi & Nasir. Moh and Sopuru faceoff over her feminist inclinations. There is a debate on gender roles at Kuramo High. Haalel begs Sheila for a job for Praise. Sopuru shows up unannounced at the Y-Hub 

  • Storm Clouds

    Episode 5

    Chika does a fun experiment at the Y-Hub. Simi tells Nasir her HIV status. Tolu and Nanya do a HIV Self Test. Praise' job interview does not go well. Sheila visits the Okezie house. Kachi realizes his beliefs of women are wrong. Things escalate between Praise and Haalel

  • Dark Night

    Episode 6

    Sheila and Oga Fes rush Haalel to hospital. Moh and Nanya bond as Moh submits her APP for the NITECH contest. Anwuli feels unwell with Covid like symptoms. Wasiu gives Simi some advice. Sopuru makes Sheila an offer. Nanya takes a trip back to the pharmacy. 

  • Fight or Flight

    Episode 7

    Nanya is in denial and avoids Tolu. Nasir and Simi finally talk. Simi and Wasiu share a kiss. Sheila gives a tour of the Hub to potential funders but it didn't end well. Cece becomes an ally while Moh has a big decision to make.

  • Welcome to Chaos

    Episode 8

    Sopuru assaults Moh and Madu sides with Sopuru. Simi decides to take a break from Nasir and Wasiu. Sheila announces that the Y-Hub will shut its’ doors. Moh and Nanya visit the hospital. Moh receives devastating news from Cece. Winner of NITECH is announced.