Street of Lagos

Street of Lagos

8 Episodes

Streets of Lagos is a docu-series from Accelerate TV showing all the diverse stories about hustle and living in Lagos and the people behind them.

Street of Lagos
  • Our Dear Little People

    Episode 1

    In this episode, watch as Ochuko, Blessing, Godwin, and Ife who suffer from a medical condition called dwarfism also known as achondroplasia, battle the societal stereotype and challenges faced by "little" people while striving to make an honest living in the city of Lagos.

  • Makoko

    Episode 2

    In this episode, we take you on a journey through Makoko, a fishing village sometimes referred to as the 'Venice of Africa'. Watch as John Hwesu, a photographer, Zavi, a canoe maker, and Sunday, a fisherman shares their stories of survival in Makoko Town.

  • The Critics

    Episode 3

    Watch as a group of young ambitious teenagers called "The Critics" in Kaduna create sci-fi movies using just their smartphones.

  • The Male Hairstylist

    Episode 4

    While the beauty industry in Lagos is largely dominated by women, in recent times, a lot of men are seen working their way into this industry, competing for the same relevance. This episode shows us a sneak peek into the life of a Lagos-based male hairstylist.

  • The Accidental Entrepreneur

    Episode 5

    Watch as the personal decision of Ayokunle, a former security officer, turns into a profitable business venture for him in the city of Lagos. From his mere love for Dogs, Kunle was able to create a lucrative and profitable business for himself.

  • Starboy BMX Nigeria

    Episode 6

    From Kano to Lagos, Tope aka starboy takes on daring adventures, some would call "near-death" adventures as he pursues his passion for extreme sports like BMX riding

  • Water No Get Enemy

    Episode 7

    In this episode, watch as a young and driven youth venture into the business of distributing sachet water to food vendors within Victoria Island, Lagos. He walks us through his journey, explaining the circumstances that led him to this business and how he maintains a good relationship with his cu...

  • Grassroots Football

    Episode 8

    Playing football in the hopes to get a better life is the reality of these young men playing the game. They center their love and passion around one goal, to be the best. Despite their harsh and underprivileged backgrounds and the lack of support from the Nigerian Football Federation, they are de...