The Olive

The Olive

2 Seasons

The Olive follows the lives of Anayo Dike and his family after the death of his wife, Ehi.

The Olive
  • The Year After

    Episode 1

    A year after his beloved wife passes, Anayo revisits old memories and finds a little more.

  • In Pursuit of Truth

    Episode 2

    A new future or a dark past? Anayo digs deeper for answers yet unknown. What will he do with the truth he searches for?

  • The Way Forward is Back

    Episode 3

    Anayo returns to Ehi's restaurant and finds yet another secret she kept from him. Tutu's contact finds the mystery man behind the suspicious messages.

  • Business and Other Scary Things

    Episode 4

    Anayo re-launches Aekka. There is new trouble in town and her name is Angelica.

  • Reopening a Can of Worms

    Episode 5

    An unfriendly face from the past visits Mama Kidjoe. David's love for Adaora deepens as he makes her a promise.

  • It's Getting Uglier

    Episode 6

    Will love be enough to keep Adaora and David? Anayo finally meets the mystery man...

  • Stirring Murky Waters

    Episode 7

    Angelica investigates Mama Kidjoe's suspicious actions. Adaora bites a little more than she can chew as the plot thickens.

  • A Long Lost Patron

    Episode 8

    Mama Kidjoe finds out Angelica's plan and gets a warning from Crooked Face.

  • Family Is Everything

    Episode 9

    The plot thickens as Anayo meets Benson Attah while Angelica goes AWOL.

  • An Old Flame, A New Name

    Episode 10

    Benson Attah 'shows up' for his lost family and what does Adaora do? WATCH!

  • The Gift Of Giving

    Episode 11

    Benson Attah gets an August visitor. Mama Kidjoe plays Good Samaritan by nursing Angelica back to health.

  • The Power Of The Ledger

    Episode 12

    Benson Attah makes Anayo an offer.Tutu and Anayo get a little more friendly.

  • Behind A Painting

    Episode 13

    The search for the ledger continues but will Ibrahim find it before Madam Elaine?