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Fake Instagram

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  • Fake Instagram

    Sometimes, we all need to be reminded to pay no attention to the luxurious lifestyles of people on Instagram. So if you have a hard time remembering this by yourself, Tamara is here to help by giving you a list of reminders that Instagram is just an elaborate display of falsehood, right here on T...

  • Father's Day

    On this episode of The Yellow Wall, Tamara speaks on Fathers day, and the relationships Nigerians have with their Nigerian fathers including the forbidden conversations and all the famous cliches, including "Do they have two heads?"

  • Feminism

    Tamara is back this week. This time, she is cracking down on misconceptions about feminism and setting the record straight as to what the notion is and what it is not. Are you a feminist or do you believe in the cause? The watch along and share your thoughts on what Tamara is saying.