Visa On Arrival

Visa On Arrival

4 Seasons

We all need a break and travelling is sometimes the best escape. But now you don't have to worry about visa hassles, we have the best visa officers to help you on your way. Bovi, Warri Pikin, Taymesan and Warri Girl are here to help.... Well, kinda.

Visa On Arrival
  • Immigration Lawyer

    Episode 1

    Meet your no - nonsense, Bible thumping, bribe collecting visa officers.

  • Impersonation

    Episode 2

    It's a battle of guts as officer Okoro meets a 'fellow officer', while officer Francis is back at it with Miss Kimberly.

  • Overzealous

    Episode 3

    What happens when an overzealous Nigerian prophet comes face to face with a no-nonsense visa officer? Wahala!!!

  • Business Partners

    Episode 4

    Another day at the visa office with your no - nonsense, Bible thumping, bribe collecting officers ✈️
    In this episode, Okoro meets someone who is in over his head and there is the usual flirting but it doesn't quite turn out how they expect.

  • Shege

    Episode 5

    Officer Francis is still on his courteous campaign at the visa office but this time, it's shege for shege.

  • Talent Show

    Episode 6

    A group of not so talented musicians and comedians try to impress our no-nonsense, patriotic visa officer.

  • Oyinbo Pepper

    Episode 7

    An interracial couple try to convince Officer Charity that they are actually in love.

  • Football Fanatic

    Episode 8

    Football Fanatic a face-off between a Manchester United fanatic and a Chelsea fan.

  • Corruption

    Episode 9

    Corruption has no place at the visa office but Officer Okoro can always make an exception.

  • Summer Year

    Episode 10

    A married woman on a summer trip abroad means one thing alone to Officer Charity, ADULTERY!

  • Native doctor

    Episode 11

    Power tussle at the visa office when Officer Charity comes face to face with a native doctor!

  • Police Wahala

    Episode 12

    Officer Okoro is paying it back for everyone who has ever had any form of Police wahala.