Visa On Arrival S02

Visa On Arrival S02

13 Episodes

The Mischief makers are back and up to no good as usual. Catch the all-new season of rib-cracking performances from your favorite comedians. Visa On Arrival Season 2 is here!!

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Visa On Arrival S02
  • Valentine Special

    Episode 1

    It's the season of love but are the visa officers ready to show love?

  • Prayer Warriors

    Episode 2

    Officer Charity meets her match in a fellow prayer warrior seeking pilgrimage to the holy land! It's a showdown! An applicant tests his karate skills on Moses.

  • Home Wrecker

    Episode 3

    Officer Francis attempts to break up a couple going on a baecation. A tech bro's account balance humbles officer charity.

  • Trust fund Baby

    Episode 4

    Officer Charity gives a dreadlocked applicant a hard time. A trust fund baby and his friends try to convince Officer Okoro.

  • Our Country

    Episode 5

    Officer Frances is taken aback when a street smart white man challenges him while Officer Charity berates three young women who want to take a much-needed girl's trip. It's another day at the international world embassy.

  • Undercover

    It’s a session of cash flow in the embassy when a wealthy businessman greases Moses palms to get an approval. Happily married Hope has a one on one session with a visa seeking marriage counsellor.

  • Intellectual Property

    The Visa Officers are up to their usual antics. This time, a screenwriter refuses to hear Okoro's story idea and as you guessed, her chances for an approval simply nosedives from there. Catch the full episode and other exciting shows on on Accelerate Plus.

  • Mystery Celebrity

    Charity’s interview with a celebrity applicant turns sour when she gets out of hand. Watch the full episode only on Accelerate Plus.

  • Spoilt Child

    Frances and his colleagues will have to deal with the hazy decisions of a spoiled adolescent, a wealthy polygamous chief, and a sex therapist, all of whom are desperate to get their visas approved. Enjoy the comic scenarios of this episode only on Accelerate Plus.

  • The Masseuse

    We can't get enough of the Visa Officers! In this episode, Bovi is elated as he meets a woman who matches his weird fantasies. Will he approve or deny?

  • Street Wise

    Episode 11

    We all know how hard it can be to outplay Officer Charity, but this applicant came with her A-game. While another visa applicant couldn't make the money go around our Visa Officers.

  • Namaste Wahala

    Officer Okoro definitely has a sixth sense and can tell when you are lying, so he's on high alert when an applicant tries to act smart with him. Meanwhile Officer Charity deals with three different ladies and the God they serve. Is she going to pray for them or approve their visas.

  • The Minister

    Everything is not as it seems and the Visa Officers are in for a real shock with this batch of applicants. It turns out they chose violence at the worst time possible as our officers come into contact with someone very important. Meanwhile, Officer Francis falls head over heels by the way two lad...