Visa On Arrival

Visa On Arrival

4 Seasons

We all need a break and travelling is sometimes the best escape. But now you don't have to worry about visa hassles, we have the best visa officers to help you on your way. Bovi, Warri Pikin, Taymesan and Warri Girl are here to help.... Well, kinda.

Visa On Arrival
  • Call Me Sir!

    Episode 1

    Moses is interrupted by Nancy, a new employee at the office, and it appears that she is in for a long ride with the officers. Meanwhile, the Supervisor foils Okoro's plan to receive bribe from an applicant.

  • Give Unto Caesar!

    Episode 2

    Nancy threatens to expose her colleagues who exploit visa applicants but will she succeed?

  • Old Currency!

    Episode 3

    The armed forces remembrance day appears to be a new tactic that visa officers are employing to take advantage of applicants. Nancy, who came to the applicants' aid, reports them to the supervisor.

  • Pole Dancer

    Episode 4

    Okoro persisted in his flirty behavior, but soon encountered his match who outsmarted him and asked for $10,000.

  • Paint Me

    Episode 5

    Hope and Okoro, who managed to elude capture this time, appear to be having a nice day. However, Moses ran into a former classmate from high school.

  • Karma

    Episode 6

    A young man was forced to put up with the indignity of extra inspection since he worked as an airport manager.

  • Have Shame!

    Episode 7

    A marketer who claims to be on a mission to free Americans from the poverty mentality but actually has another goal seems to have angered charity.

  • Bloody Gen Z

    Episode 8

    After denying the visa of a pair of spiritually conjoined twins, Charity becomes terrified despite their apparent lack of reaction to her decision. Frances got into a physical altercation with a cross-dresser who he thought was one of the women he could flirt with.

  • Las Vegas Marriage

    Episode 9

    Officer Charity prefers to be suspended indefinitely rather than grant a lesbian couple's visa, claiming that her religious beliefs forbid it.

  • Fake Respect

    Episode 10

    A woman, who was presumably powerful and well-connected, managed to have her previously denied visa approved while also saving another citizen from the officer Hope's trap.

  • That's Fraud

    Episode 11

    Francis gloats about turning down a popular monarch's application for a visa, but he has no idea that the girl he was lying to is actually the monarch's niece.

  • Japa!
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Francis and his colleagues were all paid back in their own coinage, suggesting that nemesis has at last caught up with them.