Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall

34 Episodes

This is a no holds barred deep dive in to the most trendy, news and hot topics and generally whats going on at the time. It is a fun filled round-up session hosted by "Tell it like I see it" Tamara, who makes you love her more with her take on thing, making you want more every episode. This is the Yellow Wall.

Yellow Wall
  • Relationship Rules

    Episode 31

    Following the hilarious Twitter debacle where gentlemen and women were tweeting things about the opposite sex that serve as red flags in relationships, Tamara has taken it upon herself to make a list of red flags to guide everyone through the coming yuletide period, because it is imperative that ...

  • Simi vs Yahoo boy

    Episode 13

    As Simi came for Nigerians who make a living by defrauding other people, social media users also came for her in defense of the criminals. So it is only right that Tamara comes for them as well as stating so many illegal things in Nigeria that are considered perfectly normal.

  • Social Media Influencers

    Episode 34

    Who really is a social media influencer? We come across the title on the bios of many personalities we follow on social platforms, but who they really are and what they do are topics that spark conversations and different understandings. Tamara is here to set the record straight and tell you what...

  • Surviving 2020

    Episode 35

    On this episode of the Yellow Wall, Tamara takes you through the Tamara-approved steps in surviving the year that seems to be a chaotic one.

  • Sweet Girl In Love Or Horny Idiot

    Episode 36

  • What women can do 100%

    Tamara is shocked to find out there are so many things men actually think women can't do and she has taken the time this week to school everyone.

  • Women Power

    Episode 35

    Watch Tamara talk about the things Nigerian laws say about women

  • xenophobia in South Africa

    Episode 3

    Welcome back to the Yellow Wall, the show where Tamara takes on any and every relevant conversation pertaining to human existence with special attention paid to the Nigerian social media space.
    This week, she describes all the things Nigeria was known to be safe from, that are currently plaguing ...

  • Award Winning 419 Scams Of Nigeria

    In light of Jussie Smollett's big lie, which could be considered the scam of the year, Tamara has gone on to find bigger scams that occur in Nigeria and of course picked out her favourite one to share.