True Crime

True Crime

True Crime
  • Ball Game

    Alexa, Yvonne and Zoe are ladies in their twenties who will do what it takes to either be rich or look rich, regardless of how they have to go about it. While Yvonne and Zoe go about making money off setting people up and blackmailing them, Alexa focuses on painting her social media life colorful...

  • The Olive
    2 seasons

    The Olive

    2 seasons

    The Olive follows the lives of Anayo Dike and his family after the death of his wife, Ehi.

  • Terminus

    A Ghanaian Chemist who in his bid to vindicate his company in a lawsuit stumbles on something even more dangerous in the process - a hidden chemical formula in painkillers and antibiotics altered for testing and profit gains by a pharmaceutical giant.

  • Manhounds
    1 season


    1 season

    Four friends get involved in a human-trafficking syndicate when their friend returns home...bringing chaos and danger with him.

  • One Lagos Night

    A desperate man attempts to burglarize the home of a wealthy woman but finds himself face to face with a crew of armed robbers who has the same idea.

  • Silent Baron

    A young man Anselm specializes in using young ladies in his illicit drug trafficking. He promises to marry them, lures them with gifts and sweet words, convinces their parents that he is honest and gainfully employed, only to take advantage of the ladies innocence and naivety to use them as his d...

  • Yan'u wa

    A dying mother attempts to reconcile her sons whom are engaged in a tussle between crime and law.

  • Mr. Badmus

    1 season

    When a series of unnatural cases terrorizes superintendent Moremi Jackson’s local district, she calls on popular consultant Jelili Badmus for help. Her deputy Tade Marinho is not fond of Jelili’s arrogant methods and coupled with his ambition to become the next “Ooni” (King), he finds reasons to...

  • Game Over

    A loving Ghanaian couple's last conversation was over the phone. Wifey got so worried when her doting husband did not return! Find out what has befallen the husband and what game could be up.