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  • Public Property

    Evelyn looking for love decides to try an online dating app and met Stanley. Shortly after they are married, he goes on a business trip and disappears with his car abandoned by a roadside.

  • Blue

    Somto suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder since the loss of her father which also led to her boyfriend breaking up with her but will she heal from the trauma?

  • Gigi's Wake

    After two years of battling cancer, Gigi, Tari and Kachi’s 6 year old daughter dies. This tragic loss leads to the unveiling of hidden secrets and betrayal from loved ones.

  • No Strings

    A charming and persuasive bank salesman has become an expert at seducing wealthy men's wives into sleeping with him in order to persuade them to open bank accounts, but things change when he meets his next customer, a young, wealthy, sassy woman.

  • A Dance To Forget

    A young beautiful maiden got attracted by the king after showcasing her dancing skill which leads to a forceful marriage and rape.

  • A Ride Too Far

    A married man hires a female cab rider for a short trip and decides to ask for something extra, but what looks like a simple game turns out to be his greatest nightmare

  • The Notebook

    A young medical doctor struggles through her career but her father left her a notebook which has to unravel to obtain its powers.

  • Atunwa

    Kemi's past life continues to hunt her after being reincarnated. This led several hurdles that shook the foundation of her family.

  • Slay Queen

    A young beautiful lady who claims to have a wealthy background and uses a malicious acts to attain cash from men.

  • Shade Corner VJ Search

    1 season

    Shade Corner Audition: the audition journey of a fervent and passionate aspiring artist with unrelenting determination competing for their big break in the entertainment industry by showcasing their wide variety of skill in the hopes of impressing the panel of esteemed judges.

  • Mafialliance

    1 season

    A regular lady in her mid-twenties who only wants to lead a happy life and provide for her family, but must face daunting battles in her career if she must succeed.

  • Ecstasy

    A cabman tries to help a drug addict but falls in love with her in the process.

  • Ripples Of Pain

    A story of a lady been raped on her wedding night by a family friend after her husband was called back to work.

  • Shuga Naija S05

    1 season

    A bright young woman; Moh must make a difficult decision, when her parents force her into an arranged marriage with an older man and her family’s benefactor - Sopuru, while her younger siblings; Nanya and Kachi grapple with issues surrounding gender such as feminism and toxic masculinity as well ...

  • Ceaser's Heart

    Thinking he is creating a safe haven for himself, a man sets on a journey of no return and loses the most precious thing he ever had: a supposed infidel wife and a bastard child.


    A young woman goes through so much bullying because of her name, NAPUNYI, she decides to make the name great and secretly picks up boxing, becoming a champion, when she least expected it.

  • Visa On Arrival S03

    1 season

    It's summer time, however the fate of visa applicants lie in the hands of the unscrupulous visa issuing officers who wouldn't relent in their shenanigans.

  • Going Bananas

    Traumatized by deep secrets, Alfred Phillips stages a lavish wedding to patch emotional cracks between him and Anna his fussy wife

  • Scars Of Our Mothers' Dreams

    SCARS OF OUR MOTHERS' DREAMS is a short documentary exploring the long-term emotional cost on families through the lens of children left behind or abandoned by their parents' indefinite migration to developed countries in search of opportunities.

  • Mgeni

    Mapula comes from tabora to dar es salaam city for job found by his host Mzee ntonge. He meets Zulfaina, his new host who they are both strangers to themselves, then his new host becomes his new trouble.