Off The Menu

Off The Menu

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Soliat Bada serves as the happy host on Accelerate TV's brand new cooking experience, Off The Menu. Join her with a host of your favorite music, film and entertainment champions as they take on various local and intercontinental dishes. Each dish brings with it a walk down memory lane and a story you may never have heard before.

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Off The Menu
  • Celebrity Chef-Hilda Baci

    Episode 1

    In this episode, Soliat Bada invites Hilda Baci, a celebrated chef and world record holder, to cook with her as they prepare white rice, stew, beans, and plantain in the buka style. She also discusses her record-breaking voyage and experience.

  • Making of Isi Ewu with White Money

    Episode 2

    Cooking Isi Ewu shouldn't be a challenge either for a guest like White Money, who is renowned for his culinary skills. When Soliat inquired as to whether he was dating anyone, he replied that he was single and occupied with money-related pursuits.

  • How to Make Okazi Soup

    Episode 3

    As he helps Soliat Bada prepare Ikweri (okazi soup) with wheat in this episode, skit maker Ebiye discusses the influence his mother has had on his comedy career.

  • Nigerian Fried Rice

    Episode 4

    Segilola Ogidan and Michael Ejoor are the guests on this episode, and Soliat Bada will demonstrate how to make chicken and Nigerian fried rice while the guests discuss their career experiences and highlights.

  • Passionate Simi Drey

    Episode 5

    While Soliat Bada and Simi Drey prepare moqueca with rice and plantain, Simi Drey talks about her passion, experience, and future ambitions.

  • Making of Amala with Bolaji Ogunmola

    Episode 6

    While they are getting ready to prepare the well-known amala, gbegiri, and ewedu, Bolaji Ogunmola shares her experience as a movie producer.

  • Identity mismatch with Kpee

    Episode 7

    As she gets ready to walk us through the preparation of goat meat peppersoup in this episode, Soliat Bada is enthralled by Kpee. He discusses his career experiences, identity, and resemblance to Rema according to his fans.

  • Bibi & Osi- the Dynamic Duo

    Episode 8

    Bibi Amodu and Osi Dirisiu, a dynamic duo, are featured in this episode and will work with Soliat Bada to prepare suya burger. In his 15 years in the industry, Osi discusses his experiences.

  • Award Winning AMVCA Trailblazer

    Episode 9

    While Teniola Aladese and Soliat Bada prepare the delicious ewa agoyin and dodo, Teniola Aladese talks about her experience winning the 2020 AMVCA Trailblazer Award. She eagerly anticipates her next films and her upcoming vacation.

  • Making of White Soup

    Episode 10

    Eltee-shklizz and soliat bada gist about the entertainment sector as a whole, remembering good moments while simultaneously making white soup and semo.

  • Golden Penny Jollof

    Episode 11

    Soliat Bada is joined by Tope Oloniyan to demonstrate how to make golden penny jollof noodles. Tope tells the story of her career as an actor. She didn't want to be an actor; she wanted to be a broadcaster, and Linda Ikeji helped her land her first TV job.

  • Yummy Meat Pies

    Episode 12

    In this episode, Fatima Sanyaolu, a food and travel blogger, joins Soliat Bada as she demonstrates how to cook meat pies.

  • Delectable Nkwobi Pasta

    Episode 13

    In this episode, Linda Osifo features as Soliat Bada demonstrates how to make Nkwobi pasta. Linda explains why she returned to Nigeria after living overseas for a significant portion of her life.