Shade Corner

Shade Corner

6 Seasons

Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

Shade Corner
  • Blow Culture

    Episode 1

    The shady bunch is back for season three and in the first episode, they talk about the blow culture and what people are willing to do for fame.

  • Social Media Mess Ups

    Episode 2

    And here is the 2nd episode of our 3rd season of Shade Corner, where Akah, Noble, Tamara and Bayo tackle some of the social media's biggest mishaps and shameful situations. They are joined by Instagram sensation Steve Chuks, who is a social media riot in his own right. Watch, enjoy and subscribe...

  • Bum Bum Mania

    Episode 3

    There's a special guest today on Shade Corner. Latasha Nwugbe who is the founder of About That Curvy Life join Akah, Bayo, Noble and Tamara to discuss the craze of body enhancements and procedures that increase the derriere. Watch, enjoy, share and subscribe.

  • Stan Culture

    Episode 4

    The Shady Bunch sits once more to take on another phenomenon that is as popular as it is unstable, the concept of ''stans''. Examining different behaviors of different superfans, Akah, Bayo, Noble and Tamara discuss the culture of stanning celebrities and organizations with examples of the most o...

  • Small Me Big God

    Episode 5

    Small ''person'' Big God!! A Fantastic phenomenon that has a strong place in modern society and social media. The conversation is taken on by the Shady Bunch, joined by 2018 Big Brother Naija housemate Anto as they analyse who a small person with a Big God is, and what features characterize their...

  • Fake Feminism

    Episode 6

    This week on Shade Corner, Temi Otedola joins in to take on a topic she is knowledgeable and passionate about, Feminism, and even the fake type. Akah, Tamara, Bayo and Noble assemble once again with their special guest, to take this action-packed episode 6.

  • Social Media Influencers

    Episode 7

    Social Media Influencer is a term that is subject to different interpretations and different behaviors. And so, the shady bunch take on the topic this week as they analyze real and fake forms of social media influencing.

  • Red Carpets & Themed Events

    Episode 8

    Special guest Francis Sule joins the fray and together with the Shady Bunch, they take on the red carpet and themed events in Nigeria, a situation that sees some of the most glamorous but also disastrous get-ups and mannerisms.

  • Dating In Lagos

    Episode 9

    Dating in itself has problems enough for everyone, but according to the Shady Bunch and their special guest Soliat, dating in Lagos is a special type of stress that most people need deliverance from. Here goes the episode for the week featuring chef and choreographer Soliat, with the gang of Akah...

  • Nollywood For Life

    Episode 10

    Can a Shade Corner season go by without a whole episode dedicated to Nollywood? Not our style. The Shady Bunch and special guest Dobra outline their favorite virtues and anomalies of the Nigerian film industry with some shady and some specific references.

  • Baby Mama Syndrome

    Episode 11

    Baby Mama syndrome, what is it and why does it sound like a derogatory word. The shady bunch and their guest, Sammy Walsh takes on this topic in the new episode of shade corner.

  • Relationship Goals

    Episode 12

    When everyone starts to see social media depiction of love as relationship goals, the shady bunch will have to give their take on it and who better to discuss this than social media sensation, Taymesan

  • The Throwback

    Episode 13

    As we get closer to the end of the season, the shady bunch and our guest Bisola Aiyeola take it back to the early days of entertainment in Nigeria. The good, the bad and the hilarious.

  • Annoying Things Nigerians Do

    Episode 14

    It is the season finale! What better way to end it but to talk about Nigerians and the 'few' annoying things we do. We hope you enjoyed this season.