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Social Media Influencers

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  • Social Media Influencers

    Social Media Influencer is a term that is subject to different interpretations and different behaviors. And so, the shady bunch take on the topic this week as they analyze real and fake forms of social media influencing.

  • Red Carpets & Themed Events

    Special guest Francis Sule joins the fray and together with the Shady Bunch, they take on the red carpet and themed events in Nigeria, a situation that sees some of the most glamorous but also disastrous get-ups and mannerisms.

  • Dating In Lagos

    Dating in itself has problems enough for everyone, but according to the Shady Bunch and their special guest Soliat, dating in Lagos is a special type of stress that most people need deliverance from. Here goes the episode for the week featuring chef and choreographer Soliat, with the gang of Akah...