Conversations Unplugged

Conversations Unplugged

Conversations Unplugged
  • Shade Corner

    6 seasons

    Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

  • Africa Emerging as The New Fintech Giant

    Daniel Awe runs the African Fintech Foundry while Ade Bajomo is the president of Fintech Nigeria. Their work focuses on creating unique payment solutions and products for emerging markets. How do they achieve all that? Benjamin Dada tries to get all the answers.

  • Off The Menu

    4 seasons

    Soliat Bada serves as the happy host on Accelerate TV's brand new cooking experience, Off The Menu. Join her with a host of your favorite music, film and entertainment champions as they take on various local and intercontinental dishes. Each dish brings with it a walk down memory lane and a story...

  • The Whole Truth

    3 seasons

    If you claim to be the Best Rapper in Africa then you must be ready to defend the title against any competition. If there are rumor's about you and your team, well, we want you to set the record straight here. We dig in to the gossip, stories, rumor's and vibes. All we want is to get and share Th...

  • Pendulum

    Pendulum: "Chasing That Feeling" is a live show akin to live therapy as people are given the opportunity to share their stories about mental health struggles while Music and Art is created on the spot by the amazing duo of Iniabasi and Femi Leye. Femi creates lofi music - a combination of jazz, a...

  • Shade Corner VJ Search

    1 season

    Shade Corner Audition: the audition journey of a fervent and passionate aspiring artist with unrelenting determination competing for their big break in the entertainment industry by showcasing their wide variety of skill in the hopes of impressing the panel of esteemed judges.

  • ACTPod
    1 season


    1 season

    Osayi Alile, CEO ACT Foundation talks about the purpose of the foundation which is to identify problems and come up with solutions to the African Problem in Enterprise, Leadership,
    Environment and Health. The show brings on board individuals and organizations walking the path of social enterprise...

  • Test Your Ship

    1 season

    Friends, Siblings and Lovers Test Their Bond In The Relationship Test Show

  • @ Home with Joselyn Dumas

    1 season

    @Home with Joselyn Dumas is talk show created by Michael Djaba with award winning actress Joselyn Dumas hosting from 2013. Broadcasting prime time to over 50 countries on the continent, UK and Canada.

  • Yellow Wall

    1 season

    This is a no holds barred deep dive in to the most trendy, news and hot topics and generally whats going on at the time. It is a fun filled round-up session hosted by "Tell it like I see it" Tamara, who makes you love her more with her take on thing, making you want more every episode. This is th...

  • The Wrap Up

    1 season

    The Wrap Up with Toolz, is a fun and vibrant talk show where media darling Toolz Oniru invites popular celebs and media personalities (and her nosy bartender) to discuss hot topics, popular trend and the latest "Tea" gets sipped. So join them as Toolz gets all the goss and wraps it all up just fo...

  • After the Date

    1 season

    With our popular show "Rate The Date" gaining quite the following. After The Date was created to discuss the major topics brought up in each episode. So lets talk about what really happens, After The Date....

  • The Maverick

    1 season

    The Maverick is docuseries about top Nigerian Celebrities taking us through their journey in various spheres of influence and stacking up lessons and tricks for the younger generation to tap into.

  • Rate The Date

    1 season

    They say dating in Lagos is an extreme sport so we paired a bunch of single Lagosians and sent them on an all-expense-paid blind date.⁣ With each episode we find out how the youth of Nigeria relate with the opposite sex, as they take a deep dive into many controversial topics. Some cause sparks a...

  • Under The Influence

    1 season

    We meet influential people, and they take us under their influence... Find out all you need to know about your favourite stars, right here.