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  • The Beginning

    Philip and Maddison’s marriage take a turn for the worse when the couple begins to lack care and attention for one another. Amidst this, a spark of unexpected connection cross between their two single friends who came together to help this couple fix their failing marriage.

  • Forever Yours

    FOREVER YOURS is the story of Henry and Bella, two lovers who are madly in love with each other, but their love is threatened when they both find out a shocking revelation about each other’s past.

  • Second Chance

    Second chance is the story of Elizabeth, a rising legal practitioner confronting her demons in a gripping tale of love, loss, temptation, addiction, and redemption.

  • A Christmas Proposal

    In this enchanting movie, a village boy finds himself head over heels for the village's hottest girl, but just when things seems perfect, a twist unfolds as a rich man's son returns to the village. Will their love withstand the challenges that come their way?

  • The Olive
    2 seasons

    The Olive

    2 seasons

    The Olive follows the lives of Anayo Dike and his family after the death of his wife, Ehi.

  • Third Avenue

    1 season

    The daily experiences of two men and a lady living in a two bed room apartment is nothing short of dramatic experiences no one wants to miss out on.

  • Visa On Arrival

    4 seasons

    We all need a break and travelling is sometimes the best escape. But now you don't have to worry about visa hassles, we have the best visa officers to help you on your way. Bovi, Warri Pikin, Taymesan and Warri Girl are here to help.... Well, kinda.

  • MTV Shuga: Naija

    5 seasons

    Young people in Lagos navigate difficult issues around sex and love, including teen pregnancies, abusive relationships and HIV/AID.

  • ACTPod
    1 season


    1 season

    Osayi Alile, CEO ACT Foundation talks about the purpose of the foundation which is to identify problems and come up with solutions to the African Problem in Enterprise, Leadership,
    Environment and Health. The show brings on board individuals and organizations walking the path of social enterprise...

  • The Whole Truth

    3 seasons

    If you claim to be the Best Rapper in Africa then you must be ready to defend the title against any competition. If there are rumor's about you and your team, well, we want you to set the record straight here. We dig in to the gossip, stories, rumor's and vibes. All we want is to get and share Th...

  • Off The Menu

    4 seasons

    Soliat Bada serves as the happy host on Accelerate TV's brand new cooking experience, Off The Menu. Join her with a host of your favorite music, film and entertainment champions as they take on various local and intercontinental dishes. Each dish brings with it a walk down memory lane and a story...

  • Your City My View

    1 season

    Your City my View is a travel show that showcases African magnificent nature, delicacies, culture, beliefs, history, along with a bustling urban lifestyle which will leave you astounded. This variant is definitely worth your attention.

  • Brotherhood

    1 season

    The Brotherhood is an informal gathering of men with one common goal, to candidly share their experiences in hopes that men and women everywhere may be inspired by their triumphs and learn from their struggles.

    Directed by Kemi Adetiba. Brotherhood; Ring Of Fire premieres on the 20th of June on...

  • Short Films (AFMP)

    3 seasons

    The Accelerate Filmmaker Project is an initiative of Accelerate TV, powered by Access Bank, created to train, empower and give a platform to young enthusiastic filmmakers between the ages of 18 -29 to actualize their filmmaking dreams.

  • Pendulum

    Pendulum: "Chasing That Feeling" is a live show akin to live therapy as people are given the opportunity to share their stories about mental health struggles while Music and Art is created on the spot by the amazing duo of Iniabasi and Femi Leye. Femi creates lofi music - a combination of jazz, a...

  • The Wrap Up

    1 season

    The Wrap Up with Toolz, is a fun and vibrant talk show where media darling Toolz Oniru invites popular celebs and media personalities (and her nosy bartender) to discuss hot topics, popular trend and the latest "Tea" gets sipped. So join them as Toolz gets all the goss and wraps it all up just fo...

  • The Big Tech Show

    1 season

    Africa’s Fintech landscape is rapidly changing with brand new payment solutions and products uniting the continent. Benjamin Dada and The Big Tech Show explore five African Countries and their budding Fintech ecosystem

  • Under The Influence

    1 season

    We meet influential people, and they take us under their influence... Find out all you need to know about your favourite stars, right here.

  • MTV Shuga: Down South

    2 seasons

    A group of students whose futures are balanced on a knife edge due to their love of risk and danger.

  • Boss Moves

    1 season

    How to be a Boss! Tips and tricks from industry leaders.

  • Test Your Ship

    1 season

    Friends, Siblings and Lovers Test Their Bond In The Relationship Test Show

  • Shade Corner

    6 seasons

    Meet the Shady Bunch. Here to crack down on all forms of public misbehavior and put offenders in check.

  • Who Is?
    1 season

    Who Is?

    1 season

    This show is about African musicians talking about their career how it all started and what's next.

  • Corper Shun Reloaded

    1 season

    Serve the country they said... It will be fun they said... Find out what happens when 5 Corpers are thrown in the mix for National Service.